December 01, 2019 Profiles in IP Law

An Interview with Li-Hsien (Lily) Rin-Laures, Founder of RinLaures LLC

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Dr. Li-Hsien Rin-Laures, known to clients and colleagues as “Lily,” is a renowned biotechnology and pharmaceutical IP strategist. She discovered her passion for patent law after graduating from Northwestern University Medical School, when she applied to be a secretary at an IP boutique and then went on to become a patent agent, a Harvard Law graduate, a Federal Circuit clerk, and general counsel at a publicly traded biotechnology company. Now a consultant, Lily draws on her nearly 30 years of patent law experience to help biotech and pharma clients achieve their IP and business goals. Over the years, she has obtained patents covering nine different FDA-approved drugs and provides strategic advice on due diligence, licensing, partnering, and IP aspects of public offerings. Her expertise and leadership have garnered praise from clients, peers, and the media. In this interview, Lily shares some of her wisdom and experiences in the IP arena.

What was it like transitioning from medicine to a career in law?

The two fields are similar in that they are both logic-based, high-pressure fields where your decisions are complex and depend on many different factors. Learning to write was the hardest part of transitioning. At first, I had to write a lot more than I was used to, and from the viewpoint of an advocate. Then, I had to learn to write a lot less than I was used to, yet convey the same meaning.

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