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Samson Helfgott

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A number of interesting items have come up with respect to the I2P Group (International Intellectual Property Group), which are of interest to the entire membership.

IP5 Begins Work on Global Dossier

The IP5 consists of the five largest patent offices in the world, including China, the United States, Japan, Europe, and Korea. One of the major projects undertaken by the IP5 is the creation of a Global Dossier.

The Global Dossier will be a set of business services, including an integrated online Web portal/user interface, allowing two-way communication between users and all participating offices, singularly or in multiples, with “passive” (database) and “active” (filing, prosecution, and management) components. It will allow users to efficiently access all available information about all applications and patents in the participating offices and utilize the electronic services of the offices.

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