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Action Groups

Participate in one or more action groups for immediate networking and leadership opportunities. Join ABA-IPL Action Groups through the IPL Connect Communities.

Shannon Proctor, Hollingsworth LLP

"I have been a member of the ABA-IPL Section since I was a law student involved in the Law Student Action Group and as a Law Student Reporter for IPLSpring. Making connections with attorneys during my law school career developed into lasting relationships. When I moved to Washington, DC after graduating, these connections became mentors professionally and fostered my involvement and growth within the Section. My involvement allows me to give back to the profession, increases my communication and leadership skills, challenges me, and allows me to interact with professionals across the country. The value gained over the years simply cannot be quantified!"

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ABA-IPL Leadership

Since 1894, we have advanced the development of intellectual property laws, and their fair and just administration. As the forum for rich perspectives and balanced insight on the full spectrum of IP law, the Section serves as the ABA voice—within the profession, before policymakers and with the public.

George W. Jordan III, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

"The ABA-IPL Section has been such a great fit for me. I joined over a decade ago as an experienced patent attorney seeking opportunities to grow, network, lead, and shape IP laws—all on a national scale. The Section provided more for me and my career than I could have imagined. I learned from and was challenged by my fellow members—many of them renowned experts in our profession. I know that these leaders and many more will support and inspire you as they have me. There is no more welcoming and opportunity-filled place in the IP legal community to hone your own skills and brand. When I changed cities twice during my career, my Section friends and colleagues were always constants. The Section has given so much to me, including the honor of serving as its first African-American Section Chair. I encourage you to join and discover all it has to offer to you too."

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Kevin R. Greenleaf, Dentons

"My many years involved within the ABA-IPL Section has led to fantastic relationships and invaluable knowledge that have been critical to my success. There is no substitute for work in the Section, which gave me so many opportunities to grow and have access to leaders in the IP field. The Section is involved in all major IP decisions, giving you an inside perspective into how policy is made and opportunities to shape policy for the betterment of the IP system. The people involved in the Section have a genuine interest in helping attorneys grow, and I strongly encourage all attorneys to join and experience the many benefits of membership."

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Professional Issues Division

The Professional Issues Division brings to the forefront issues and initiatives which affect each IP practitioner in their daily law practices.


"The ABA-IPL Section was one of many different volunteer organizations that I explored during my time in law school. While there were many admirable aspects to each organization, I found myself gravitating towards the ABA-IPL Section because the structure and members made it almost effortless to get recognized and involved. The Section is cognizant of the importance of law student and young lawyer development and participation, allowing those who join to get the opportunity to work alongside more experienced attorneys in the field on developing intellectual property concerns. I often recommend joining the Section to friends, colleagues, and anyone else interested in becoming, not only a member, but an integral part of an organization that is involved in shaping the future of intellectual property. "

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Copyrights and Related Rights Division

The Copyrights and Related Rights Division addresses on all aspects of copyright laws and practices.

Joshua L. Simmons, Kirkland and Ellis LLP

"I am proud to have been a member of the ABA-IPL Section for over a decade.  In my opinion, it is the best way in the country for young lawyers to engage with intellectual property policy and cutting edge issues.  As attorneys gain more experience, there are numerous opportunities to leverage their skills to affect change in the courts, legislatures, and agencies, because when the ABA-IPL Section speaks, members of the government listen.  I highly recommend the Section whether you are someone who wants to roll your sleeves up, or someone who wants to learn from the experts. "

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Patents Division

The Patent Division focuses on all aspects of patent laws and practices.

Malaika D. Tyson, Ph.D., McAndrews

"Over the years, I’ve reaped numerous benefits being an active member of the ABA-IPL Section. Whether it be helping to shape patent policy in my role as Patent Legislation chair, staying current through highly relevant CLE programming, having the opportunity to engage or connect with experts in the IP field, or assisting in developing the future leadership, the Section has provided advantages that are invaluable to my development as an attorney and leader in the legal community. "

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Trademark and Unfair Competition Division

The Trademark and Unfair Competition Division focuses on trademarks, trade names, branding, unfair trade practices, unfair competition, false advertising, counterfeiting and domain name infringement – essentially any subject area that falls within federal, state and international trademark and unfair competition laws.

Shane Delsman, Godfrey & Kahn S.C.

"Through my involvement with the ABA, I have been given the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on trademark law. Right when I got started, Trademark Division members welcomed me and offered the chance to dive in. Some of my first projects were collaboratively evaluating circuit splits and determining what the law should be. I presented recommendations to the ABA-IPL Section Council and, as a result, many recommendations became Section policy, some even became ABA policy. Shortly thereafter, I was encouraged to become a Vice-Chair and then Chair for a trademark committee, before being asked to become the Division Vice-Chair. The roles I’ve held at the ABA have given me the chance to work with top legal minds on exciting projects like helping the USPTO develop proposed rules, working on pending legislation with Congress and assisting with other policy matters on the ABA’s behalf. These experiences have enabled me to build an extensive professional network, make new friendships and challenged me to become a better lawyer. "

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Eric Perrott, Gerben Law Firm, PLLC

"Through my work with the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law, I have been given opportunities that shaped my career and improved my abilities as an attorney. As a young trademark lawyer, it was hard to find a foothold in the various bar groups and IP associations. With the ABA-IPL Section, I was able to get involved while also meeting talented attorneys (who are now close friends.) The ABA fosters leaders, and those leaders noticed my interest and quickly pushed me to take full advantage of every opportunity. Through the ABA, I have participated in meetings with USPTO leaders, taught a seminar as the USPTO's incredible Global Intellectual Property Academy, spoke before thousands at various ABA events, and developed policy on behalf of the ABA. In 2019, I participated in congressional roundtables with the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, providing feedback on the Trademark Modernization Act before the bill was brought before Congress. Without the ABA-IPL Section, none of these opportunities would have been possible. Through ABA committees and taskforces, I developed valuable leadership skills leading a committee as a Chair (and vice-chair) as well as spearheading many policy initiatives, including drafting responses to the USPTO and Congress about trademark law policy and practice issues. I developed a sense of confidence and expertise that has been transformative to my career. Most importantly, I've met incredible attorneys at all stages of their careers that inspire me to be a better attorney and continue to learn and grow. I recommend the ABA-IPL Section to any trademark attorney who is looking to hone their craft and grow as an attorney and person."

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Specialized IP Law Division

The Specialized IP Division comprises nine committees focused on areas of intellectual property distinct from, auxiliary to, or a mix or extension of the traditional disciplines of patents, trademarks and copyright.

Stephanie L. Roberts, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

"I joined the ABA-IPL Section as a first-year attorney approximately 11 years ago. I joined the Section because a partner that I worked for was a committee chair and I helped him prepare content, such as webinars and reports and resolutions. Early on, I attended the ABA meetings and began meeting the members and leadership. I continued participating on several committees and was appointed as a vice-chair of the Trial and Appellate Rules and Procedures Committee as a junior associate. I have continued moving through leadership positions within the Section and am currently the Chair of the Business and Trade Division. I also currently participate on the Revenue Committee and the Women in IP Committee. I have enjoyed being part of the ABA-IPL Section. I have met many wonderful people, including some of my best friends. The ABA-IPL Section has helped me grow a good network of friends and contacts at both law firms and corporations. I have also had opportunities to write articles and reports and present at meetings and on webinars. I really appreciate the members and friends that I have met through my participation in the ABA-IPL Section."

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Business and Trade Division

This division covers all aspects of business and trade laws and practices.

Pervin Taleyarkhan, Whirlpool Corporation

"Being an in-house IP counsel, I have seen and experienced fabulous opportunities for professional growth from my active involvement with the ABA-IPL Section.  As one example, as a leader in our Section's In-house IP Committee, I (along with our wonderful committee members) have organized well-attended CLE events & webinars catered to in-house communities, created instructional videos summarizing IP matters for non-IP practitioners, coauthored informative articles with globally-based colleagues, and even had our voices heard on Section-proposed resolutions, amicus briefs, and other commentary for audiences like Congress and judges of key cases involving IP matters.  I am now also co-Vice-Chairing our Section's Business & Trade Division, which is an opportunity that allows me to further influence the breadth of committee collaboration and activities benefiting the IP community. "

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Section Story

The ABA-IPL Section has assumed a major role in the development of a fair and balanced system for intellectual property protection.