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2024-2025 ABA-IPL Appointments

An Invitation from the Chair-Elect — a Call for Leadership Recommendations:

An opportunity to volunteer or nominate others to leadership positions

As the incoming Section Chair in 2024-2025, I have the privilege to select individuals to serve as leaders of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (“Section”).

I invite you to nominate yourself or a colleague to join the Section’s leadership ranks and become actively involved in the Section’s practice-focused activities, publications, policy-making and other professional education and enrichment activities.

Our Section’s leadership positions include committee and board chair and vice-chair roles, and liaisons with other professional entities, both within and outside of the ABA. The work of the Section—and, thus, much of the value of Section membership—comes from volunteering as a member or a leader of one of the Section’s committees or boards. The Section is one of the largest and most influential collection of intellectual property lawyers in the world and your participation will enable you to contribute to the evolution of IP law, develop lasting relationships with others in the field, and gain practice knowledge and insights that are unavailable elsewhere.

Lead and Help Identify Other Leaders

As Section Chair-Elect, my task is to recruit and appoint a new class of leaders to serve in such roles, as Division Chairs, Committee Chairs, Board Chairs, Vice Chairs, or liaisons to other ABA entities. Each year roughly half of these leadership positions are open for appointment. I invite and encourage you to seek an appointment by nominating yourself or other Section members for the 2024-2025 year. I am considering applications and nominations for appointments now, so please submit your completed form by December 29, 2023.

Get Involved Today - Join a Committee

For those not ready or interested in a formal leadership position, I welcome and encourage all members to become active participants in the Section’s committees. Your insights and enthusiasm can make a profound difference in what this Section can accomplish for the profession. You are only a click away from volunteering– sign up today to be a member of a committee from the roster of Section committees. The Section offers a diversity in IP membership and in opportunities. We have six substantive divisions, each consisting of multiple individual committees. The only prerequisite for joining a committee is current ABA and Section membership.

I appreciate your involvement and commitment, which is the lifeline of our Section, and I look forward to working with you in 2024-2025.

Very truly yours,

Susan McGahan
ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law


(ABA and Section membership are a prerequisite for committee and leadership positions.)

(Please note: You must log in beforehand.)

Committee Chair Appointment Process Timeline:

  • October through December 12, 2023: submit a leadership application or recommendation
  • January – February 2024: review of candidates by Chair-Elect
  • April - June 2024: Appointments finalized and appointees notified
  • August 4-5, 2024: ABA Annual Meeting-- New Officers, Council, Committee and Division Chairs begin their leadership roles at the conclusion of the ABA Annual Meeting.