April 27, 2018

2018 IPL Spring Program Materials

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education

<span style='color: #FACFAB;'>33rd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference</span><br>Crystal Gateway Marriott<br>Arlington, VA<br>April 18-20, 2018

Course Materials – Table of Contents

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Specialty: DarkNet: Enter at Your Own Risk

Trademark/Ethics: Ethical Issues in Trademark Practice

Trademark: From the Practitioners' Perspectives - Best Practices Managing Discovery in Trademark Cases TTAB vs. Federal Court

Specialty: More Than Just Justin Trudeau

Trademark: Proving a Negative Best Practices for Prosecuting and Defending Non-Use Abandonment Proceedings in the US and Abroad

Trademark: The Dark Side of Knock-Off’s

Patent: The Impact of Heartland on District Court Litigation

Patent: The State of Subject Matter Eligibility Law and Its Impact on the Incentive to Innovate