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Solutions for IP Legal Professionals 2024

February 20 – March 13, 2024

Sponsored By

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. and Gearhart Law LLC. 

Session Resources

Tuesday, February 20
Session 1: Ethics Avengers of the IP World: Paralegals Assemble! : Navigating the Legal World with Lawyers, One Rule at a Time!

Passcode: w7vg#anx 

Presented By:
Emil Ali, McCabe Ali LLP

Wednesday, February 21
Session 2: Outsourcing- The Good, The Bad and the Reality!

Passcode: #e5h+&J7 

Moderated By:
David Postolski, Gearhart Law
Presented By:
Emily Imber, Alliance Virtual Solutions

Tuesday, February 27
Session 3:  The Ins and Outs of Information Disclosure Statements (IDS) and Other Best Practices for Patent Paralegals

Passcode: 9??5@+ZW
Passcode: 797965

Moderated By:
Ashley Lundsten, Xsensus, LLP
Presented By:
Danielle Mouyal, Element IP, PLC

Wednesday, February 28
Session 4: Leveraging Investigations for Paralegals

Passcode: 1U#7c$mE

Moderated By:
Bri Van Til, Alt Legal
Presented By:
Tamara Rabenold, Vaudra International

Tuesday, March 5
Session 5: Correcting an Oops in the Trademark World

           Passcode: UWd9H.nL 

Presented By:
Daretia Austin, AT&T Services, Inc.
Steven Cooper, Ware Fressola Maguire & Barber LLP

Presentation Materials

Wednesday, March 6
Session 6: The Globalness of it All- Best Practices for Working with Foreign Counsel Legal Teams

            Passcode: 0b$RSP%&

Presented By:
Jose Alfredo Vaca, Vaca Abogados
Kara Zioba, Former Global IP Manager at The Hershey Company

Presentation Materials

Tuesday, March 12
Session 7: Navigating the Collaboration Labyrinth: A Roadmap for Legal Professionals

Passcode: U+AXEr^8

Moderated By:
Cindy Simonson, Elster & McGrady 
Presented By:
Tracy Cooke, Microsoft
Emily Quackenbush, Perkins Coie LLP
Darshika Patel, Uber

Presentation Materials

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Wednesday, March 13
Session 8: The Attorney/Paralegal Relationship- A Deep Dive into the Pain Points!

Passcode: hKz%k?b1

Presented By:
Sonia Lakhany, Lakhany Law
Tara Doran Muccitelli, The Trademark Paralegal LLC

Presentation Materials