29th Annual IPL Spring Course Materials

29th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference
Arlington, Virginia
April 2-4, 2014


Course Materials – Table of Contents

A Comparative Study of Patent Examination Standards in China, Europe, Japan & Korea

Are 'Trolls' Really Out of Control Reflections on Recent Efforts to Limit 'Abusive Patent Litigation

  • Are 'Trolls' Really Out of Control? Reflections on Recent Efforts to Limit Abusive Patent Litigation

Best Practices in Brand Protection Strategy in the new gTLD Era

Better, Faster, Cheaper: Patents issued in About One Year for Less Cost

Copyright 2013 At a Gallop

Copyright Fair Use Transformed? The Evolving Role of the First Factor in the 21st Century

Data Security: Best Practices for Protecting Data, Breach response Planning and Action & A Layout of the Cyber Security Risk Landscape

Game Over: The game Changing Impact of the Patent Trial & Appeal Board on Non-Practicing Entities (NPESs)

How Businesses can Effectively Protect Their Trade Secrets and Conduct Investigations

International Trade Commission (ITC) in Flux Learning from Recent Developments

Lions Tigers and Friends: Social Media Roundup

Patent Legislation 2.0: Patent System Improvement?

Practice & Risk Management for IP Lawyers: When Patent Lawyers are Sued—How to Avoid Becoming a Client

Promoting Progress in Social Media Patentability and Copyrightability Issues

Staying Current in the World of Patent Litigation: A Year (and more) in Review

The Impact of Regulatory & Industry Standards on Patents

The Rise of Design Protection: From Spoons & Carpets to Smartphones & Cars

Intellectual Property Law Scholarship Symposium