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ABA-IPL Section Annual Meeting

April 17 - 19, 2024



Wednesday, April 17


IP Ethics Update at the USPTO: What Every Patent and Trademark Practitioner Needs to Know

                Professional Responsibility and Practice Before the USPTO
                 Teresa Stanek Rea
                Mike McCabe 
                Will Covey       

                Presentation Materials
                Will Covey 


Thursday, April 18


Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Hearing

         Hearing File One

         Hearing File Two

Copyright and Specialty Track

Deep Fakes, Copyright and the Right of Publicity

                From Deepfakes to Deepfame: The Complexities of the Right of Publicity   
                in an AI World

                 Eliana Torres             

Copyright Office Speaks

           CLE Resources From the United States Copyright Office  

Mock Presentation on Copyright Damages
          Presentation Materials

Trademark Track

Mark My Words: AI's Role and Key Ethical Considerations for Trademark Professionals

               Mark My Words: AI's Role and Key Ethical Considerations for                       
              Trademark Professionals     
               Christina Frangiosa, Matthew Asbell, Nehal Madhani, and Erik Pelton          

              Appendix 1: ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

               Appendix 2: Recent Ethics Opinions on Attorney Use of AI Tools

             Appendix 3: USPTO Supplemental Materials

Trademarks Too Big, Too Small. Supreme Court Reviews First Amendment Implications of Trademark Restrictions

                 Trademarks Too Big, Too Small. Supreme Court Reviews First                    
                 Amendment Implications of Trademark Registrations
Theodore H. Davis, Jr.

Cultural and Social Responsibility in Trademark and Branding: Avoiding Branding Pitfalls

                   Presentation Materials

Daubert-Proofing Your Lanham Act Survey
                 Presentation Materials

Trade Secrets and Patent Track 

Patentability of AI-Assisted and AI-Generated Inventions: Key Considerations
               Presentation Materials

Unified Patent Court — The First Year

                 Presentation Materials

Damages Considerations for Patent Litigation in High-Tech Products
 Presentation Materials           

Navigating AIA Trials in 2024

           Presentation Materials     

IP Expert Solutions Best Practices Presented By Round Table Group

          Presentation Materials
         Russ Rosenzweig 

Friday, April 19


Cell-Based and Alternative Proteins—The Future of Food!

                Presentation Materials

AI Ethical Competency: What Every IP Lawyer Needs to Know About Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law

               Generally Applicable Rules
Stephen Y. Chow

        Copyright and Specialty Track

Copyright Roundup

               2023 Copyright Developments
Joshua Simmons

                Most Interesting Copyright Cases of 2023

Understanding the Intellectual Property Landscape in Latin America From Copyright to Trademarks to Patents

                  Presentation Materials

Trade Secrets and Patents Track

Practical Drafting Tips Following Amgen v. Sanofi: Is 112(f) the Answer?

             Presentation Materials

             Amgen v. Sanofi

             Federal Register / Vol. 89, No. 7

              Resources for Examining Means-Plus-Function and Step-Plus-Function              Claim Limitations

            The Antibody Patent Paradox
Mark A. Lemley and Jacob S. Sherkow

Trade Secrets: Keep It Simple, Keep it Safe

             Trade Secrets Under Pressure from the Winds of Public Policies
             Ken Corsello 

             Maintaining Trade Secrets Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
              Steven A. Caloiaro and Caleb Green


Trademark Track

Trademark Warriors Unleashed: Safeguarding Brands Beyond Borders

           Trademark Infringement Proceedings in Germany
Matthias Berger

           Safeguarding Brands
           Moji Onabanjo