Committee Scope: Trademarks and the Internet Committee

Issues related to the Internet and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) that concern trademarks and related unfair competition issues, including, whenever appropriate, working in cooperation and collaboration with other relevant committees , specifically:

(1)   initiatives of ICANN’s Intellectual Property Constituency (“IPC”) of the Domain Name Supporting Organization (“DNSO”);

(2)   policies for managing generic top level domains (“gTLDs”);

(3)  issues relating to online infringement, dilution and matters of unfair competition, and domain names in the United States, including statutory developments, case law and litigation;

(4)   practices of trademark registration of domain names by intellectual and industrial property offices around the world;

(5)   international litigation and legislation involving trademarks, matters of unfair competition and domain names;

(6)  trademarks as they relate to issues of hyperlinking and framing; and

(7)  trademarks and meta tags, search engine manipulation and other like uses concerning trademarks on the Internet.

        Subcommittee on ICANN

        Subcommittee on Social Media Terms of Use