Committee Scope: Patent System Policy Planning Committee

Scope of Committee: Proposals for undertaking fundamental structural changes to or other significant improvements in operation and the effectiveness of the U.S. patent system to provide a world-leading patent system that protects and supports innovation, including:

(1)  long range planning for improving the administration of the patent system;

(2)  study of mechanisms for improving specifications, drawings and claims in patents and for establishing more uniform interpretation by the USPTO and the courts of the requirements for patentability;

(3)   extension of the patent system to additional forms of intellectual property;

(4)  study of changes and innovations in the patent laws of other countries and determination of their applicability to the United States; and

(5)  study of the costs to procure and enforce patents relative to other jurisdictions, and recommend changes to strengthen and increase accessibility to the patent system through lower costs.

Subcommittee on Patentable Subject Matter Issues