Committee Scope: USPTO Ex- Parte Practice Committee

Scope of Committee:  Practice before the USPTO, with respect to the preparation, filing, and prosecution applications for patent and the granting of U.S. patents and related matters not within the scope of other committees, including:

(1)  regulations related to filing, prosecution and appeals of patent applications,

(2)  any examination guidelines proposed for use by the Office as a result of BPAI or judicial decisions,

(3)  administration and staffing issues within the Office;

(4)  filing, prosecution and grant fees for applications for patent protection;

(5)  user fee availability to fund the operations of the Office;

(6)  restriction practices within the Office; and

(7)  classification systems used within the Office.

Subcommittee on Global Dossier

Subcommittee on Patent Quality – Examiner Interviews