Committee Scope: University Intellectual Property Law Committee

Facilitation of the development and use of intellectual property law by universities and review and assessment of the impact of government policies, legislation and regulations on the ability of universities to engage in the transfer of technology, including:

(1)  ownership of inventions and patents resulting from federally supported research;

(2)  ownership of rights in works of authorship, data and software generated with federal funding;

(3)  restrictions on federal funding affecting the retention and distribution of income derived through the technology transfer function;

(4)  restrictions and/or mandates on the dissemination of the tangible products of research, data, reports and other forms of intellectual property generated with federal funding;

(5)  changes in Federal Agency policies or responsibilities affecting university/government relationships;

(6)  University ‐ government ‐ private sector relationships affected by changes in the intellectual property laws or through other legislation;

(7)  University digitization and dissemination efforts; and

(8)  University use of third-party intellectual property