October 18, 2019 Feature

Nuclear Energy

J. Bradley Fewell

A. Introduction

On the legislative front, this report period saw continued focus on advanced nuclear technology and efforts to streamline Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulatory processes, but no long-term solution for spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage. The most noteworthy judicial cases during the year upheld states’ authority to provide incentives to nuclear generators. Continued attention to new reactor licensing, subsequent license renewal (SLR), and updates to the NRC Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) and Enforcement Manual marked the Commission’s regulatory and policy agenda. In administrative proceedings, notable developments include the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board’s (ASLB) denial of contentions in the Holtec interim storage facility docket and ongoing adjudication in emerging areas of SLR and license transfers for plants entering decommissioning.

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