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January 03, 2024 Feature

A Note From the Editors

Recent Developments in Infrastructure and Regulated Industries (2023) highlights judicial decisions, administrative rulings, and legislative actions for the year ending March 31, 2023, as well as a few important developments since then.

Recent Developments was made possible by the efforts of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs and other members of the committees who, along with their colleagues and associates, wrote and contributed to the reports. We would also like to recognize the authors, editors, and contributors at the beginning of each report. Once again, this group’s detailed research, thoughtful analysis, and timely and concise reporting have resulted in a thorough report of the year’s activities affecting our section.

The editors also acknowledge with great appreciation the Chair of IRIS, Andrew Emerson, and, as always, Sue Koz, the IRIS Section Director, for her crucial contribution.

Finally, we would like to thank Julie Furgerson without whom none of this would have been possible. We thank Julie for her skill, organization, and patience during this process, and we give her full credit for the completion of this monumental task.

Millicent W. Ronnlund

Daniel J. Poynor


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