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October 12, 2023 Chair's Column

Chair’s Column

Andrew C. Emerson

It was an honor and pleasure to serve as chairman of IRIS, the Infrastructure and Regulated Industries Section. The members and staff that makeup this historic Section are truly remarkable. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity it afforded me to learn and listen from leaders in the profession, both within the Section and the ABA. I am also excited to see our new Chair, Linda Stein, lead the section. Linda has been a super IRIS member over the years and will do a great job steering the Section through the challenging business and legal issues impacting the industries and practice areas covered by the Section.

A special thank you to Bill Drexel, as this is his final issue as Editor of Infrastructure. He has been invaluable to IRIS, making sure each and every issue is timely and substantive. We welcome the new Editor, Tim McHugh, as he takes over the reins.

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Andrew C. Emerson