October 01, 2017

Editor’s Column

By Charles A. Patrizia

The articles in this issue reflect the breadth and depth of issues of interest to our Section. In “Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: Electric Industry Impacts, Restoration, and Cost Recovery,” Everett Britt describes the major impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on electric companies in their paths, the companies’ restoration efforts, and how recovery of the storm-related costs for electric utilities may be addressed under the applicable regulatory frameworks. While the extraordinary nature of Harvey meant that restoration efforts in Texas faced exceptional circumstances, the use of advanced technologies and other pre-storm efforts appears to have yielded improved recovery results. And in Florida and Georgia, the electric industry mounted an industry-wide response to Irma that, with approximately 60,000 workers, was one of the largest power restoration efforts in U.S. history. Indeed, it is the cooperative efforts of the companies on the mainland that reinforced the prompt and effective response, and contrasts with the difficulties still faced in Puerto Rico.

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