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Timeline of Obstacles Faced by Defense Lawyers in the Cases of José Rubén Zamora & Samari Gómez

José Rubén Zamora, an award-winning Guatemalan journalist and the Founding Director of the now-shuttered Guatemalan outlet ElPeriódico, was prosecuted for money laundering, influence peddling and blackmail. He was tried alongside former prosecutor Samari Gómez, from the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI), who was charged with disclosing confidential information. This update details the timeline of the trials and obstacles against the defense lawyers. Zamora was sentenced to six years for "money laundering."

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Latin America & the Caribbean: 9 Cases; Africa: 23 Cases; Southwest Asia and North Africa: 4 Cases; Eurasia: 15 Cases; Asia: 13 Cases.

Four Years of Trialwatch

April 25 marks four years of the Clooney Foundation for Justice TrialWatch initiative, which was launched in partnership with ABA CHR. Since the project launch, CHR has deployed monitors to 65 criminal trials in 28 countries across the globe, with a focus on trials where there is a high risk of fair trial violations.

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Update: Paul Rusesabagina Released from Prison

On March 24, 2023, Rwandan activist and former hotelier Paul Rusesabagina, who inspired the movie “Hotel Rwanda,” was released from a prison in Rwanda. Rusesabagina had been convicted on terrorism charges in a seriously flawed trial, monitored by ABA CHR.

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Where We Work

As part of the Clooney Foundation for Justice TrialWatch Initiative, the Center has worked in 21 countries thus far.

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