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Photo of Nigerian journalist Omoyele Sowore

Update: Treason Case Against Nigerian Journalist Omoyele Sowore Struck Out

After over five years of delays, a federal High Court struck out the treason case against pro-democracy activist and journalist Omoyele Sowore. As part of the Clooney Foundation’s TrialWatch initiative, the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights has been in the courtroom monitoring proceedings since Mr. Sowore’s arrest on August 2, 2019.

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Trial Observation Report: Guatemala vs. José Rubén Zamora

José Rubén Zamora, an award-winning Guatemalan journalist and the Founding Director of the now-shuttered Guatemalan outlet ElPeriódico, was prosecuted for money laundering, influence peddling and blackmail. This trial observation report concludes that the pretrial and trial violations in the proceedings against Mr. Zamora rendered his trial fundamentally unfair.

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Trial Observation Report: Indonesia v. Muhammad Asrul; Indonesia v. Stella Monica

This report highlights the cases brought against journalist Muhammad Asrul and social media user Stella Monica Hendrawan and demonstrates the abusive reach of Indonesia’s Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) law.

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Where We Work

As part of the Clooney Foundation for Justice TrialWatch Initiative, the Center has worked in 21 countries thus far.

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