Trial Monitoring 

Through various programs, the Center conducts trial monitoring observations, with the goal of ensuring that all individuals facing charges receive a fair trial. 

The Impact of Trial Monitoring

Trial monitoring is a consistent and effective way to hold societies accountable to protecting human rights on a systematic level.

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Trial Alert

If you know of a trial or judicial proceeding that you believe may present a risk of human rights violations, please complete a trial submission. We understand that you may have limited information of the case, but please provide as much as you can. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you are not required to state your name or contact information. Due to the high volume of potential cases, submitting case information does not guarantee the Center will monitor the case. We thank you for your submission and support of fair trial rights.

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Become a Trial Watch Volunteer

Please fill out this form if you are interested in signing up to be a TrialWatch monitor volunteer.

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