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Human Rights Documents

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes

Culture, Health, Progress, and Development

Employment and Freedom of Association

Foundational Documents

Geneva Convention

Human Rights in the Administration of Justice

International Bill of Human Rights

Major Regional Human Rights Instruments and Bodies

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

European Court of Human Rights

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights


Protection and Promotion of Human Rights

Rights Against Discrimination

Rights of Children

Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Minorities

Rights of Migrants

Rights of Older Persons

Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Rights of Stateless Persons and Refugees

Rights of Women

Slavery, Enforced Labor, and Slavery-Like Practices

More Resources

Manuals for Human Rights Practice

Notable Human Rights Cases

Further Information and Resources for Human Rights-related International Courts, Tribunals and Commissions: overviews, related documents, reports, and news.

Nuremberg Military Tribunals:

Reports, news, statistics, and other publications on human rights issues: