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November 02, 2022

State of the Right to Form and Join Unions in Ecuador - Trip Report

A banana plantation in Ecuador.

A banana plantation in Ecuador.

Photo Credit: Zamira Djabarova and Naomi Glassman-Majara, July 2022.


The Center for Human Rights of the American Bar Association spent two weeks in Ecuador in July 2022 meeting with workers and unions representing banana, healthcare, fishery, digital platform workers, market vendors and others. Workers within each of these industries are facing different violations of their labor rights. They are facing common barriers to unionizing such as the government’s resistance to recognize industry wide unions, delays with union registration, and retaliation in response to union activity. Those workers who are not recognized as workers under the Labor Code, in addition to not being able to register as unions, are unable to access minimum labor protections. The report covers some of these violations in detail based on the information gathered during the visit. 

Read the full report here (English)

Read the full report here (Spanish)

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