January 29, 2021

Mozambique: Universal Periodic Review Submission by the ABA Center for Human Rights

Submission of the American Bar Association, Center for Human Rights with respect to the third periodic cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Republic of Mozambique

36th session of the UPR Working Group (November 2020)

The American Bar Association (ABA), Center for Human Rights (Center) submits this information with respect to the third cycle of the UPR of the Republic of Mozambique. Established in 1878, the ABA is the largest voluntary association of lawyers and legal professionals in the world. The Center promotes and protects human rights worldwide —mobilizing lawyers to help threatened advocates; rallying thought leaders on vital issues; and holding abusive governments accountable.

In this UPR, the ABA Center for Human Rights provides updates and makes recommendations regarding:

  1. Human rights violations in the context of counter-terrorism including: due process rights, enforced disappearances, extra-judicial executions, and supression of access to information.
  2. Broader freedom of expression concerns including: harassment, intimidation, and attacks against journalists and human rights defenders, and criminal defamation laws. 

View the full UPR submission in English or Português.