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October 26, 2012

Expert Declaration on Human Rights Centre Citizens Against Corruption vs. Kyrgyz Republic

Richard Winfield submited an expert declaration arguing that the ban on a documentary promoting tolerance of LGBT Muslims violates freedom of expression. 

Read the full expert declaration in English and По-русски.

The Human Rights Centre ‘Citizens Against Corruption’ is a Kyrgyz nongovernmental organization. On 28 September 2012, it had planned to screen a documentary about individuals who are homosexual and Muslim. After receiving a declaration from purported ‘experts’ alleging that the film would incite religious violence, the prosecutor petitioned the court to prohibit the screening. The Pervomaysky district court of Bishkek so ordered on 28 September 2012. Tokelan Ismailova, director of Human Rights Centre 'Citizens Against Corruption', appealed this decision. 

Richard Winfield, as an expert in the interpretation of international law, respectfully submits this declaration in support of Tokelan Ismailova, director of Human Rights Centre 'Citizens Against Corruption'. Richard Winfield is an expert in freedom of religion and freedom of expression.