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August 22, 2016 Reports

Report: Judicial Harassment of Musa Usman Ndamba

Abuse of the Legal System to Target Human Rights Advocates in Cameroon: An Analysis of the Criminal Defamation Case against Musa Usman Ndamba


The ABA Center for Human Rights prepared a report on the apparent judicial harassment of human rights defender Musa Usman Ndamba. The Cameroonian human rights defender has appeared before the Cameroonian courts over 32 times, defending himself against allegations of criminal defamation filed by wealthy businessman and politician Baba Ahmadou Danpullo.

This report highlights the ways in which Mr. Ndamba has become a victim of judicial harassment, documenting several cases over the years which Baba Danpullo has filed against Mr. Ndamba, that have all been dismissed by the courts as a result of the complainant’s lack of prosecution. The report emphasizes that the repeated delays of the case were a violation of the right to a fair trial guaranteed under Cameroon’s Constitution and recognized due process rights under international law.  

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