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December 09, 2015

Letters to Angolan Leaders on behalf of Human Rights Lawyer Arao Bula Tempo

Dr. Arão Bula Tempo is a human rights defender and lawyer from Angola who has worked extensively to denounce corruption, human rights violations and bad governance in the Cabinda Province. He has consistently taken on clients who have been victims of arbitrary arrest and detention and torture by Angolan security forces. The Justice Defenders have written to the Angolan Ambassador to the US and to the Angolan Minster of Justice expressing concern over the continued criminal prosecution of this human rights defender. 

Letter to the Angolan Minister of Justice and Human Rights expressing concern over the prosecution of human rights lawyer, Arao Bula Tempo accused of crimes against the state for allegedly inviting journalists to demonstration.

Letter to the Angolan Ambassador to the United States of America regarding the criminal prosecution and travel restriction of human Rights lawyer, Arao Bula Tempo.