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Pro Bono Legal Consultancies

The American Bar Association Center for Human Rights seeks experienced pro bono legal consultants on a recurring basis. Pro bono consultants contribute to the work of the Center by

  • Observing trials that have garnered local, regional, or international attention and providing detailed analysis of those trials;
  • Drafting letters to U.N. Special Rapporteurs pertaining to attacks against human rights defenders and rule of law around the world; 
  • Assisting with the preparation of reports and conducting libel review.

Interested candidates should fill out the pro bono volunteer form and submit a recent resume/CV. Candidates with foreign language proficiency are encouraged to apply.

Curriculum Developer on Arms Accountability Mechanisms


Armed conflicts have rampaged several countries in the Southwest Asia & North Africa (SWANA) region, including Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, claiming a high number of civilian casualties and destroying civilian properties and infrastructure. Warring parties—supported by regional and international powers including European Union (EU) countries—have often attacked civilian targets in potential violation of international law. Renewed attention to these issues has led to increased suspicion of arms sales to the region by some suppliers, creating an opening to press for greater adherence to international law.

As such, the ABA CHR seeks to explore avenues through which to limit arms sales from major European countries, the US and UK to the SWANA region when implicated in legal and human rights violations. The Center is seeking a contracting organization or individual with expertise in creating toolkits/curricula on legal and administrative accountability mechanisms. The purpose of this consultancy is to develop a curriculum/toolkit on arms trade laws, regulations, and accountability mechanisms for dissemination in SWANA countries particularly impacted by the European, UK and US arms trade based on its two published Primers. This is a 4-month consultancy beginning in May 2024 through August 2024.


  • The consultant will rely on research conducted by ABA CHR on US, UK, and European laws, regulations, and accountability mechanisms that are relevant to arms sales.
  • Using this research, the consultant will develop a web-based curriculum or toolkit to disseminate key information to stakeholders in the SWANA region.
  • The curriculum or toolkit should:
    • be easily accessible (in English, Arabic, and any other languages as agreed upon between consultant and ABA CHR);
    • and clearly detail how to access accountability mechanisms in arms-exporting countries.
  • Other tasks as necessary and as agreed upon between the contractor and the ABA Center for Human Rights.


  • Demonstrated expertise in the subject matter (normative frameworks regulating the sale of arms).
  • Demonstrated expertise in creating and disseminating web-based learning platforms.
  • Law degree (JD, LLB, or equivalent) preferred.

How to Apply

Please send the following documents in a single PDF to [email protected] and CC [email protected] by May 31, 2024 at 5pm EST.

  • Statement of interest detailing your experience working on related projects, and your availability from May 2024 to August 2024. Maximum 1 page.
  • A sample curriculum, toolkit, or other learning platform.
  • Proposed timeline.
  • Resume or CV.
  • Cost estimate (per/deliverable) for each of the tasks listed above.
  • Hourly rate.