Marissa Priceman

Marissa Jaime Priceman earned a J.D. and “Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies” certificate from Georgetown University Law Center in 2020. During Ms. Priceman’s time at Georgetown Law, she was a student legal representative in the Center for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), Georgetown Law’s asylum law clinic. Through practicums at Georgetown Law, Ms. Priceman worked on other asylum cases, co-authored a petition submitted to the Human Rights Committee on behalf of an individual persecuted because of their sexual identity, and co-authored a report on transgender rights in Guyana. Ms. Priceman’s research as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania and as a law student at Georgetown Law pertained to Israel’s treatment of African refugees, the origins of Sephardi-Mizrahi identity politics in Israel, the role of Israel’s commissions of inquiry law in the context of accountability for violations of international law, and the Bank Secrecy Act’s shortcomings in the context of deferred prosecution agreements. Before joining the Justice Defenders Program, Ms. Priceman worked as a law clerk at the FDIC’s Enforcement Division, where she worked on issues relating to domestic and international conflicts of law, statutory extraterritoriality concerns, and Bank Secrecy Act compliance cases. Ms. Priceman also holds a B.A. in Economics and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.