Senior Staff Attorney, Europe & Eurasia

Jasmine Cameron

Jasmine Cameron is the senior staff attorney for Europe and Eurasia with the ABA Justice Defenders Program. Jasmine has previously served and lived overseas for many years, working for the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. State Department.  Ms. Cameron previously worked as a staff attorney and legal advisor for the U.S. Embassy in Bishek, helping to implement the anti-corruption and rule of law program while navigating a challenging political environment. She also served as a political officer for the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia, working on elections and internal politics during the first free elections in Georgia. Ms. Cameron has worked on range of issues relating to rule of law, legal development in transitional democracies,  and drafting legislation in developing countries in line with international standards and norms. Ms. Cameron holds a J.D. from American University‚Äôs Washington College of Law, a law degree from Kyrgyz National University, and a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature. 


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