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Webinar: Confronting Ecocide and Achieving Environmental Dignity

This webinar, featuring prominent experts in environmental law, dignity law, and sustainable culture, examines ecocide’s impact on dignity rights and explores effective policy and advocacy approaches to prevention and restoration.


Webinar: Ethnocide and Dignity Rights: Lessons for Today

This webinar examines current manifestations of ethnocide—from Russia's invasion of Ukraine to sociopolitical forces at play today in the US—and both their effects on, and their implications for, the future of the rule of law at home and abroad.


What is Ethnocide?

Ethnocide is the destruction of culture while keeping the people. The term was first coined by Raphael Lemkin (pictured) in 1944. Lemkin was a Polish Jew and celebrated human rights attorney who escaped Europe for America as the Nazi Party rose to power. While in America he worked to raise awareness of the horrors befalling his people.

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