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February 02, 2024

Physician Assistant Faces 240 Years in Prison for Amniotic Fluid Scam

jury in the Northern District of Texas found a physician’s assistant guilty on 12 counts of healthcare fraud for injecting amniotic fluid into pain patients’ joints. Not only is amniotic fluid not approved by the FDA for pain management, but the FDA also has issued multiple consumer alerts cautioning against the use of amniotic fluid for pain management because of serious side effects such as blindness, tumor formation, and infections. Because amniotic fluid injections are not approved by the FDA for pain management, the injections are not covered by Medicare for pain management. However, one amniotic fluid injection, Fluid Flow, is covered by Medicare in certain conditions. Instead of using Fluid Flow in the manner covered by Medicare, the physician’s assistant used an unapproved and uncovered amniotic fluid product, Cell Genuity, that he billed to Medicare as if it was Fluid Flow. He is now awaiting sentencing and faces up to 20 years per count for a total of 240 years in prison.  

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