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October 13, 2023

OptimaxUber: A Drive Towards Health Equity

Optum and Uber have partnered to provide some Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries with coverage for health-related Uber app expenses, such as rides to medical appointments and the purchase of healthy foods. 

Starting in 2024, MA members using Optum's health benefit card will be able to buy rides, groceries, and over-the-counter items for delivery through the Uber app. The Uber app will maintain a real-time record of the goods and services covered by the Optum-enabled benefits card and charge Optum directly - eliminating the need for traditional reimbursement processes. 

Optum and Uber intend to extend these benefits to Medicaid and commercial health plan beneficiaries in the future.This partnership hopes to provide covered MA beneficiaries with access to necessary healthcare supplies and adequate nutrition to encourage them to live healthier lives. 

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