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October 27, 2023

Connecticut Hospital Association Announces Patient Code of Conduct in Effort to Reduce Workplace Violence Against Healthcare Workers

On October 20, 2023, the Connecticut Hospital Association adopted a “Statewide Patient and Family Code of Conduct Policy” in a continued effort to reduce “aggressive and violent behavior against healthcare workers.”  This policy will apply to around twenty-seven hospitals as well as other healthcare settings in the State. The policy states that hospitals and health systems “will not tolerate actions that intentionally disrupt any healthcare environment,"  including aggressive/violent behavior, discriminatory language, “language or action that may be perceived as sexual harassment,” and “possession of weapons of any kind” in a health facility.  If behavior is deemed to jeopardize the safety of patients or staff, potential consequences may  include being asked to leave the facility.  As workplace violence continues to be a focus and priority, it will be interesting to see if other healthcare organizations across the United States follow  the Connecticut Hospital Association‘s example. 

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