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November 03, 2023

“Pharmageddon”; Over 5,000 Pharmacy Staff Employed by the Major Chain Pharmacies Stage Three-Day Walkout

Akin to various other industries, labor unrest has found the pharmacy world. According to Reuters, pharmacy staff at both CVS and Walgreens launched a three-day walkout starting October 30, in protest of continuous staffing shortages and poor working conditions. Dubbed “Pharmageddon” on social media platforms, roughly 5,000 pharmacy workers were anticipated to participate in the walk-out. No national union currently exists to protect the interests of pharmacy staff employees, exposing individuals participating in the walkout to a certain level of risk. Nevertheless, many will continue to participate to demand better pay, adequate staffing, and more consistent hours. Many participating in the walk-out cite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as the precipitating event, alleging that their pharmacy management has done little to lessen the burden. In response, representatives from both CVS and Walgreens claim they are committed to addressing these concerns their pharmacy staff are facing and purport that they are making efforts to establish a dialogue between management and pharmacy workers.

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