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November 03, 2023

No Surprises Act Update

The American Medical Association News informs us,

  • “The Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury Oct. 27 issued a proposed rule intended to improve how the No Surprises Act independent dispute resolution process functions in response to feedback and challenges shared by stakeholders. The public will have 60 days to submit comments. The rule would require plans to include claim adjustment reason codes and remittance advice remark codes, among other new information, with the initial payment or notice of payment denial for certain items and services subject to the NSA protections. The rule proposes changes to the batching requirements so that Items and services could be batched in the same payment determination if they are: furnished to a single patient on one or more consecutive dates of service and billed on the same claim form (a single patient encounter); billed under the same service code or a comparable code under a different procedural code system; or anesthesiology, radiology, pathology and laboratory items and services billed under service codes belonging to the same Category I CPT code section, as specified in the agencies’ guidance. Batched items would be limited to 25 items or services in a single dispute. Lastly, the proposed rule would amend certain requirements related to the open negotiation period preceding the IDR process, the initiation of the process, the dispute eligibility review, and the payment and collection of administrative fees and certified IDR entity fees.”

The proposed rule also would run open negotiations through the government’s IDR portal, which will increase the government’s administrative costs. 

The proposed rule will be published in the Federal Register on November 3, and the proposal creates a sixty-day public comment period.

Here’s a link to the government’s fact sheet on the proposed rule.

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