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March 17, 2023

What Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Do?

As the world begins to learn about new developments in artificial intelligence (A.I.), it is worth considering the promise A.I. holds for medical professionals to improve health outcomes. Where can A.I. be used? What types of breakthroughs can be delivered in healthcare? 

Recently, the New York Times spotlighted research underway in Hungary where A.I. is being used to detect breast cancer that may have been missed by doctors. NIH likewise has published a review of the use of AI in screening for breast cancer. Other programs have had success with A.I. helping to diagnose and manage kidney disease. Providers may find numerous ways to incorporate A.I. into their practices. It is also critical that, when healthcare entities look to incorporate A.I., they should consult with providers to properly implement such technology.

Obtaining the benefits of A.I. will require balancing successes with caution. More robust technology and privacy laws are needed. Many governments need to bring the legal oversight up-to-speed with the pace of this technology. 

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