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February 10, 2023

25 People in Florida are Charged with a Scheme to get Fake Nursing Diplomas

Twenty-five people affiliated with three Florida nursing schools are facing federal prosecution after selling more than 7,600 fake nursing diplomas to aspiring nurses. DOJ and the HHS OIG have labeled the investigation “Operation Nightingale.” These schools sold the aspiring nurses fraudulent degrees and transcripts that qualified them to take the nursing board exam (NCLEX). Students paid a total of $114 million for the fake degrees between 2016 - 2021. Approximately 2,400 of the 7,600 students who obtained fraudulent degrees were able to pass the NCLEX and obtain employment as licensed nurses. Each defendant faces up to 20-years in prison for the scheme.  Although the nurses may lose the fraudulently-obtained licenses, federal officials said they will likely not be charged.

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