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September 02, 2022

Kentucky Nurse Accused of Killing Patient Worked at Another Local Hospital for Months

Eyvette Hunter, 52, a registered nurse in Kentucky since 2018, and prior to that a licensed practical nurse since 2007, had her nursing license suspended and was indicted for murder on August 22 for allegedly committing intentional medical maltreatment on April 30 and causing the subsequent death of James Morris. Mr. Morris, a 97-year-old war veteran, had been admitted to Baptist Health in Lexington, Kentucky after a fall. Hunter had requested an order to administer medication to calm down Mr. Morris, who was agitated. When that order was denied, Hunter nevertheless withdrew a vial of lorazepam intended for another patient, administered it intravenously to Mr. Morris, and lowered the alarm volume/disarmed his oxygen monitoring system.  She also allegedly fed him while he was sedated, leading to aspirational pneumonia.  Baptist Health fired Ms. Hunter on April 30, but she continued working as a traveling nurse at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital until her indictment on August 22.

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