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September 30, 2022

CVS and Walmart - Payout to West VA.

On September 21, West Virginia settled with Walmart and CVS Pharmacy for $147 million over the companies’ roles in the opioid epidemic. The lawsuits alleged that Walmart and CVS both contributed to an oversupply of prescription drugs, fueling the epidemic. According to the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, their involvement caused  “significant losses through their past and ongoing medical treatment costs, including for minors born addicted to opioids, rehabilitation costs, naloxone costs, medical examiner expenses, self-funded state insurance costs and other forms of losses to address opioid-related afflictions and loss of lives.” West Virginia will receive a little over $65 million from Walmart and about $82.5 million from CVS. According to Morrisey, the agreement with CVS also allows the state to receive money from any future national settlements.

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