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October 14, 2022

The Solid Start Act Passes Congress, President Biden Expected to Sign Into Law

The Act (S. 1198) makes permanent the Solid Start pilot program, which contacts newly separated veterans within their first year after service to inform them about the benefits for which they are eligible. Under the act, the VA will contact the veteran multiple times in their first year of separation. These calls will be tailored to the need of each case with a concerted effort to collect contact information during the transition process. The bill ensures that there is sufficient funding to reach all separating veterans over their first year from now on. A report in 2017 showed that, among veterans who died by suicide, 62% had not been in contact with the VA, and in an American Legion survey, 40% of veterans were unsure whether they were eligible for VA mental health services. The Senate unanimously passed the bill on September 19, and the House passed the bill on September 30, sending the law to President Biden for signature. 

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