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October 07, 2022

Major Insurers Expand Medicare Advantage Footprint

Many managed care entities of all sizes are investing to expand their Medicare Advantage (MA) programs and bring plans to hundreds of new counties next year, following a record increase in enrollment this year. As the population ages, more and more Medicare beneficiaries are opting for MA plans over traditional Medicare. Not only do the MA plans cover more services than are covered by traditional Medicare, they also offer concierge services, expanded telehealth, transportation, dental, and vision. Such comprehensive plans are familiar to baby boomers coming off employer based plans. The large MA plans are leading this effort. Cigna plans to expand its MA geographic footprint by 22% to reach 581 counties in all; Humana will add plans in 140 counties and two states, bringing its MA footprint to 91% of the country; and Elevance (fka Anthem) Health will add 210 new counties to its MA offerings next year.

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