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November 04, 2022

High Demand Could Be Responsible for Amoxicillin Shortages

In a world where shortages have become common place, last week the FDA listed Amoxicillin Oral Solution as currently in shortage on the agency’s drug shortage webpage.  The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists receives reports of drug shortages from a variety of industry participants, including patients and practitioners, and also posted data depicting shortages along with estimated resupply dates. 

What may be unique in this situation is the cause, high demand for the common, lower priced antibiotic. CNN reports that in the U.S., manufacturers are not seeing shortages at the production site, which leads to the conclusion that the shortage may be caused by demand. As COVID-19 precautions wane, there appears to be a resurgence of the illnesses for which the drug is traditionally prescribed. Patients may find differing availability at their local pharmacies as colder weather and the flu season approaches. 

Bloomberg adds that antibiotic shortages are more likely in the U.S. than shortages of other drugs because of their lower cost. An analysis by the FDA found a similar correlation: Drugs in short supply typically cost less than other medicines.

“Lower priced drugs have a higher risk of shortage,” [USP Director of Supply Chain Insights Matt] Christian said. “No margin, no inventory.”

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