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January 07, 2022

Post-Acute Care Continuum Task Force’s 2022 Lunch Panel on Post Acute Care During the Pandemic and Looking Ahead

Post-acute care is a classification of care given by healthcare providers such as skilled nursing facilities, long-term care hospitals, home health agencies, assisted living facilities, dementia units, brain injury units, continuing care retirement communities, home and community-based services providers, inpatient rehabilitation and restorative therapy providers, outpatient facilities, pharmacies, and hospice care facilities. While these healthcare organizations and providers all generally focus on treating r populations that require ongoing, but generally non-intensive, care or supervision, which of these providers are considered post-acute care providers, and how ongoing Medicare reimbursement reform efforts should apply to them, remain an open discussion.

The Post-Acute Care Continuum Task Force invites members of the Task Force and the larger ABA Health Law Section to attend a virtual brown bag lunch panel to discuss legal and regulatory issues facing the post-acute care community and best practices for attorneys advising or looking to advise post-acute care entities and providers.

Any HLS member who is interested in attending or participating in the panel can register  here. The date, time, meeting link, and panelist information will be sent via to registered email addresses.