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February 04, 2022

Post-Covid-19 Global Nursing Workforce Challenges “Too Big to be Ignored.”

Global nursing leaders published a report on January 24, offering a blueprint for both national and international actions to guide planning for the worldwide nursing workforce.  The report discusses the impact of Covid-19 on the global nursing workforce, from both a professional and personal perspective.  The report also identifies concerns regarding staff shortages and the degree to which some affluent countries rely on international recruitment.

The report highlights ongoing international concerns about increased stress, workload, demands, and infection risks affecting nurses throughout the pandemic.  The report also notes challenges around the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE); the impact when nurses are reassigned to unfamiliar settings or given new responsibilities; and the more recent staffing gaps resulting from the Omicron wave of infections.    

The report recommends the creation of a 10-year plan to achieve a sustainable global nursing workforce and lists a series of recommended actions to address the worsening nursing shortage.