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February 04, 2022

VA to Expand Home and Community Based Services by 2026

Last week, the VA’s Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care announced the expansion of its programs for Home-Based Primary Care, Medical Foster Home, and Veteran Directed Care. The goal is to make these services available at all VA medical centers by 2026. Home-Based Primary Care provides health care services to veterans in the comfort of their own homes. Medical Foster Homes are alternatives to nursing homes where a few residents receive 24/7 care from trained caregivers in private homes. Veteran Directed Care supports veterans who need help with activities of daily living and personal care services. Scotte Hartronft, M.D., the Executive Director of VA Office of Geriatrics and Extended Care, stated that these programs “allow veterans to age-in-place, avoid or delay nursing home placement and choose the care environment that aligns most with their care needs, preferences and goals.” This expansion is well-timed because in 2019, approximately 2 million veterans were eligible for nursing home care; it is estimated that number will double by 2039.