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December 02, 2022

Florida Attorney Suspended for Making Misrepresentations to the Court

The Florida Supreme Court recently suspended an attorney for making misrepresentations about actions and relationships with clients. According to the Conditional Guilty Plea, the attorney denied her relationship with her client upon opposing counsel’s motion to disqualify the attorney as acting attorney, despite dating the client before the trial. In another instance as a prosecutor, the attorney misrepresented that the court objected to the defendant’s petition to marry while incarcerated when in fact she was the one to object. The Court accepted the conditional guilty plea, finding that the attorney had violated Rules 4-3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal) and 4-8.4(c) (A lawyer shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation) of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, and  suspended her for 15 months.

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