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April 01, 2022

Department of Labor Schedules Public Hearing on Final Rule

On June 21, 2021 , OSHA published an Emergency Temporary Standard to protect healthcare workers from occupational exposure to COVID-19.  OSHA received comments on the standard through August 20, 2021. The Temporary Emergency Standard took effect immediately, and publication also served as a proposed rule for permanent adoption.     

To promulgate a final rule, OSHA announced on March 22 a partial reopening of the record and scheduled an informal public hearing, seeking comments and additional data on specific topics relating to the development of a final standard. OSHA is allowing for comments and new data on a variety of topics, including: tailored controls to address interactions with those suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, recordkeeping on and reporting of COVID-19, and the risks and health effects COVID-19.  Anyone wanting to speak must file a Notice of Intention to Appear by April 6.  Written comments are due by April 22, and the public hearing will begin on April 27 and continue for subsequent days if necessary.  The hearing will also take place online.