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April 15, 2022

CMS to Return to Certain Pre-COVID Policies in Long-term Care Facilities

CMS announced that it is taking steps to protect the residents of nursing homes and other long term facilities by restoring pre-pandemic standards for compliance. CMS is beginning to phase out some of the temporary emergency declaration blanket waivers implemented in response to COVID-19 due to the increase in vaccination rates for staff and residents, along with practices at these facilities to address COVID-19. 

By phasing out these temporary waivers, CMS hopes to re-direct efforts back to meeting regulatory requirements aimed at meeting each resident’s mental, physical, and psychosocial needs. CMS will continue to monitor COVID-19 and address situations that may require any additional waivers and flexibilities to further support COVID-19 responses in these facilities. Some blanket waivers are being phased out in 30 days and others in 60 days from publication of the CMS Memorandum issued on April 7.