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December 17, 2021

Pfizer in Talks to Settle Suit With Employee Accused of Misappropriating Trade Secrets Related to Its Covid-19 Vaccine

In October, anti-theft technology alerted Pfizer of a large upload containing confidential information to a Google Drive account. An investigation revealed more than 12,000 files at issue covering a range of topics that included operational goals, new drug development plans, and vaccine study analysis. When approached with this information, the employee claimed she had not copied the files or forwarded them elsewhere. However, after the initial confrontation, the employee subsequently deleted all the files from her Google Drive account, admitted to deleting the files, and turned in a decoy laptop when asked to provide Pfizer with the machine she used for the uploads. Pfizer filed suit, but the parties have asked the court to push back a scheduled preliminary injunction hearing to enable them to discuss resolution.