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April 22, 2021

Lawmaker Seeks to Restore the Benefits of Women Involuntarily Discharged from the Military Due to Pregnancy

Julia Brownely, (D-CA) recently introduced a bill titled the “Justice for Women Veterans Act,” which would require the GAO to launch an investigation into the involuntary discharge of women from military service between 1951 and 1976. During that time, thousands of women were involuntary discharged due to pregnancy or motherhood under authorization of an executive order signed by President Truman. This order stated that women could be removed regardless of rank, grade, or length of service. The Pentagon additionally granted service branches the specific authority to discharge women due to pregnancy, childbirth, or becoming parents through adoption. These women were not given separation benefits, counseling, or any other assistance. Ultimately, under the Justice for Women Veterans Act, the GAO will look at the impact of President Truman’s executive order and make recommendations on how to potentially restore those benefits in the most efficient way.