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April 09, 2021

Health Net Federal Services LLC to Pay $97 Million to Resolve Overstated Billings to the VA

Health Net Federal Services LLC (Health Net) will pay nearly 93.7 Million in overpayments, as well as $3.55 Million in interest, to the VA. Health Net was audited in 2017 and found to have duplicated claims and failed to reduce billings to the VA for approximately $1 million in provider rate savings, as contractually required. Health Net had entered into a $5.05 billion contract in 2013 with the VA Patient-Centered Community Care Program which offered private health care to veterans that either waited more than 30 days for treatment or lived more than 40 miles from a VA Medical Facility. Health Net served as the third-party administrator that secured private health care for veterans, reimbursed providers for services to veterans, and in turn billed the VA for these services.