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March 26, 2021

The VA to Review Its $16 Billion Electronic Health Record System Overhaul

On March 19, VA officials announced that the department’s $16 billion electronic medical records overhaul will undergo a twelve-week strategic review due to concerns from lawmakers regarding the size and scope of the project. This 10-year health records project is designed to create a universal electronic health record for active-duty personnel and veterans to include not only Department of Defense and VA health care records, but also those outside the federal system. Project implementation has led to numerous complaints from VA employees who feel the system is actually making their jobs more difficult due to system delays and other technical challenges. VA officials specified that the review is not aimed at examining whether the project itself should be reconsidered, but instead will look at the pace of deployment and search for areas of improvement. More than 24 million veteran health records have been moved into the new system and all VA facilities are expected to be using the system by the end of 2028.