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March 19, 2021

Kansas Law Could Disallow Cancer Patients From Getting Help as Telemedicine Rules Change

Kansas cancer patients currently getting treatment from out-of-state doctors using telemedicine might be prohibited from doing so soon because a provision allowing a telemedicine exemption in Kansas is about to expire. As a result of COVID-19, Kansas lawmakers passed the exception back in March 2020 which allowed patients to talk to any doctor in any part of the United States through telemedicine. The exemption is due to expire on March 31, effectively disallowing current cancer patients from continuing their relationship with out-of-state doctors. The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has provided a short time solution for doctors who are not licensed in Kansas; they can request a temporary 30-day extension to preserve continuity of care. The Kansas Senate and House will meet in April 2021 to possibly craft a compromise bill.